The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar by Shareef Malnik

The Forge, Miami Beach, (305) 538-8533


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Fusion is the forming of a new taste by matching and mixing two or more different established tastes to create a totally new entity. This idea of fusion is a very important concept for a Chef, as fusing creates an entirely new outlook on the subject of cooking. This is what the Executive Chef of The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar means when he states that he “prefers the term “American-Fusion” over American Cuisine, given the cultural influences of the various regions of the country. “It’s more about a community of food,” says Dewey. “We take cues from Creole, French, Cuban, Asian, and so on, to create amazing dishes.”" America is a melting pot of cultures and Chef Dewey LoSasso takes his inventive cues from the cuisines of these cultures and creates a menu of delicious mélanges at The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar.

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