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Ultra Musique

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Forge Monday Night Football

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Hurricanes VS Maryland

8pm at The Forge Bar
Monday September 5th

Join us at the bar for a special Chef Dewey Losasso $10 tasting plate featuring a complimentary glass of wine or a tall glass of micro beer and a selection of Hurricanes favorites:

Pomegranate BBQ Lamb Spare Ribs Red cabbage slaw

Crispy Corn Ravioli Dusted with parmesan

Smoked Salmon Croquettes Damn “Hot” guava sauce, peppered cream

Loster, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Toasted brioche, chopped fresh peanuts, onion marmalade, diced chilled lobster

Reservations 305 538 8333

Miami Spice menu available

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September 2nd, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Shareef Malnik

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The Forge Restaurant first opened in 1969 with International Financier Alvin Malnik at the mast in an era of Sinatra swoons and classy steak and potatoes menus: the fashionable elite’s required dress. The forge became and stayed the hottest place in Miami. The 1970′s sees Hollywood greats Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor and President Nixon as regulars. In the 1980′s the wine cellar becomes the focus of greatness when Baron Philippe de Rothschild offers Malnik a collection of his wine from the turn of the century. This transforms The Forge’s cellar into one of the most coveted and finest rare-wine collections in the world. In order to stay in style and continue to be popular within the Miami scene transformations become necessary and essential. Shareef Malnik grew up learning the restaurant business with his father, and took over The Forge in 1991. The 90′s sees the Forge as the top celebrity hang out in Miami. In 2009, Shareef pushed the most extensive transformation of the space as well as the thinking-the concept behind the restaurant. The restoration lasted close to one year at a cost of $ 10 million. Re-invention is the formula for longevity. It was important for Shareef Malnik to exist within his contemporary culture. Bringing the restaurant to par with this culture was his challenge. He wants his clients to feel at home, to have a total lifestyle experience when dining at the Restaurant. His choice of Dewey LoSasso as the chef was very important. The Restaurant business is a commitment and working together all the time defines a family within the business. For Shareef, Dewey was the chef of the situation. The new enomatic wine bar also offers a different twist for The Forge experience. It allows the possibility of extensive wine tasting so the choice of the wine accompanying the elegant exquisite meal is just perfect for each person’s palate. The crowd these days is very diverse, the menu has become farm to table, and the ambiance is elegant, lovely and perfect.

The Forge Enomatic Wine Application

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For your learning pleasure The Forge has for your iPhone their personal user friendly Wine Application that you can download before your visit. The Enomatic Wine Bar is easy to navigate like the app on your phone. The main stations are divided into 10 sections. When you select a station the available wines appear, and as you click on each wine you will read the wine’s details, its description, comments about its essence, price by the bottle and by the glass. The second station is the “Prestige”. Here we can find a simple but excellent low price California Merlot: a Blackstone from 2007 at $ 40 the bottle or $ 9.60 the glass. And the description informs us that it pairs well with Pork, Game and Red Meat. We can also find here Certan-Marzell 2006, a French Merlot at $ 140 a bottle and $ 28.52 per glass. We can learn that the flavor will taste like Blackberry, Oak and Raspberry and that it pairs well with Beef and Cheese. Under “Powerful Reds” if we study the choices, the highest grade goes to the Duckhorn Merlot of 2007 from the Napa Valley at $ 92 the bottle and $ 18.40 per glass. Its flavors bring to mind Plum, Spice and Raspberry and it pairs well with Steak and Swordfish. You can also approach this application or the menu by the Regions, Vintages or Varietals (grapes used in making each particular wine). An education in itself and a lovely way to learn and experiment, this menu is a work of art and reflects the desire that The Forge has to make sure that you enjoy this very important part of The Forge experience.

The Enomatic Experience-Learning the Culture of Wine

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To enjoy wine one needs to learn about the different wines available. Wine color, quality and taste depend largely upon the geographical characteristics of where the grapes are grown: the quantity of sunlight, the quality of the earth which in French is called the “Terroir”, the seasons, the amount of rain, of cold, of heat, the drainage of the earth and the age of the vines. Each type of grape needs different combinations of the above. That is why for example a Pinot Noir grown in California does not have the same taste as a Pinot Noir grown in Burgundy, France. Even within the same territory, wines made with the same grape type will taste differently depending on the preferences of the wine maker, the quality of the vines, and the aging process of the wine.
When starting an interest in the culture of wine, tasting, and tasting with an experienced friend or sommelier is the only way to increase your culture and develop your own personal taste. The Enomatic Wine Bar at The Forge is a perfect way to learn and develop this savoir-faire. Being able to purchase exceptional wines by the glass, without damaging the integrity of the wine, while offering you all the sensations as if the wine was opened especially for you is a unique privilege allowing you to enter into this luxurious experience of developing your palette. This system nurtures the importance of your personal choice, and with each new experience gives you the possibility of increasing your knowledge and pleasure within the realm of fine wines.

The Forge-A Miami Beach Landmark

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What a fabulous review we have received from Istanbul:

When our friend heard of our to open the first “brick & mortar” AND online wine & spirits shop in Istanbul, he said, “You’ve got to come and see The Forge”. We had been once before, prior to renovations and we had a wonderful experience. But the “new and improved” Forge has to be seen to be believed.
First off, and simply a MUST for us to see were the 10 Enomatic machines (each one holds 8 different wines, categorized by types, such as “RED EARTHY: MEDIUM-FULL BODIED, MODERATELY OAKED; LOW-MEDIUM TANNIN” and “WHITE AROMATIC: LIGHT-MEDIUM BODIED UNOAKED TO LIGHTLY OAKED; DRY”, etc. This system is perfect for the likes of myself, someone who is in the process of learning to actually taste the varied wines that are out there, rather than just drinking a wine without thought of what flavors are within. Each station has an ipod with full descriptions of the wines, from the grapes to the regions, so you can go at your own pace and learn about the wines you are interested in. One Enomatic card acts as a debit card and you can try a taste (1oz.) a few sips (3oz.) or a full glass (5oz.).
KAVist is taking this concept across the Atlantic and into Istanbul where our customers will be able to enjoy the same Enomatic experience. What better way to sample a variety of wines at your leisure and make sure you take home that perfect bottle of wine?

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July 7th, 2011 at 2:15 am